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Wellcode Software provides several solutions in order & logistics management for end users. We provide also technical solutions for IT-Institutions as frameworks or individual technical solutions.

Our Slogan

When it comes to technology, we are always one step ahead.

Reliability … independence … Security

All WELLCODE modules can be easily, reliably and quickly integrated into the company-wide network; for example as a cloud application or in the intranet.
With our adaptive design, the Web-App adjusts to different device sizes from PC to mobile phone.
The integrated, graphical dispatching module creates a logical planning in the distribution of vehicles, drivers and orders.
Interfaces to external ERP systems can be integrated optionally. Create free space and save time through optimal order processing.


With the web capability of Wellcode solutions, cloud solutions are easy to implement. Especially for companies who want to expropriate the intensive effort of system and data management and want to save costs. Wellcode offers complete solutions.


Wellcode Logistics can be purchased individually with other modules.
The main license forms are:
– Enterprise
– Middle Ware
– Standard


– Freight forwarders
– Logistics centers with vehicle fleet
– Delivery couriers (eg pharmacy courier)
– Other companies with their own fleet


Our solutions for order & logistics management.

Wello Order Management (OMS)

The WELLO OMS depicts the process of order management, starting from the inquery to the order confirmation, ordering and invoicing. Individual orders can be summarized in a collective order. Via a customer access, existing orders can be viewed and new orders can be created.

The OMS is designed internationally. Currency & taxes can be customized. Order documents (such as invoices) are automatically generated according to customer templates and can be edited and printed directly.

Rebates and discounts can be specified per order and position, linked to terms of payment. Customer dependent prices & discounts can be managed in the system.

A gradual dunning process is part of the OMS. Wello OMS integrates seamlessly into Wello Logistics, Accounting & Banking Modules.

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Wello Logistics

We create results that have a positive effect on your business processes and your customers.

We map exactly your needs and your individual business parameters in the Wello software environment.

Drive with our fleet management. We take you to your destination optimally.

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Wello Container Management

Rental Container & bins in circulation. These are set up at the customer and picked up later. The module has the following objectives:

  • Where are the containers currently located?
  • Visual representation on the GEO map
  • Easy handling for the driver
  • Automatic detection digits, pick up & swap.
  • Automatic creation of positions in the tours for container / container transport.
  • Automatic booking in warehouse management
  • Transfer to EDM collection systems (Austria)

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Wello Telematics

Wello Telematics Module is an extension of the Wello Logistics solution and deals with locating, detecting, historicizing and archiving retrievable data unit values (vehicles) provided by GPS Fleet Providers.

The module connects to the GPS Fleet Provider (like TomTom) and synchronizes itself with the data stored there in the background.

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Wello Customer Portal

Wello offers a sophisticated customer access, that u. A. includes the following functions:

Customer can log in via his contacts in the system.
Customer can view his master data and change himself, u. A. Contact person, construction sites, addresses, communication.
Customer can view his current orders & tours.
Online shop for ordering, inquiries, orders, offers, etc.
Repeat order by pressing a button.
The items displayed for the customer in the online shop can be determined freely.

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Wello Warehouse

Wellcode Warehouse Module is the implementation of Warehouse Management. The warehouse management is seamless in the Wello modules, such as: B. Wello Logistics, integrated. In addition to actions carried out by the user, internal actions can be triggered automatically, such as: For example, on a tour or job that can transport or move material.Material orders can be generated for the cheapest prices, availability and minimum stock.

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Wello Banking

Wello integrates a banking module that keeps track of its own account movements and manages account movements in the database. The Banking module can manage, periodically poll, and deploy any number of accounts in a powerful search environment.

In addition, own mortgages and loans can be managed.

  • The credit management shows the current state of the loans (interest, repayment, residual value).
  • In addition, the status can be calculated on any key date.

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Wello Accounting

Wello Accounting is an accounting module designed to tackle SKR standard. The chart of accounts can be individually and easily adapted to corporate needs. Cashbook, bank accounts can be optimally represented. With the banking module, incoming payments can also be recorded.
In addition, the module has simplified earnings analysis functions (e-invoices) for small businesses, including calculatation of VAT returns.

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Here is a direct link to the DEMO of WELLO LOGISTICS

Here you can find the First Steps to WELLO LOGISTICS.

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