Wello Accounting (en)

Wello Accounting


Wello Accounting is a simplified earnings calculation module.
Wello Accounting allows for the determination of profits for several organizations (companies, subcontractors).
The profit determination is done on the basis of an intelligent filter, which makes it possible to determine the profit in various ways.
Likewise, the advance VAT return can be calculated using the accounting module.
Extract from the functional scope of the Accounting module


  • Accounting can be created for any number of organizations
  • The accounts can be supplemented at the discretion and needs of the user
  • Categorizing accounts by cost type (revenue, expense, bank, assets, etc.) is user-defined.
  • The VAT rates are expandable at will. The bookkeeping for foreign locations can be depicted easily
  • Each G / L account can be assigned a standard VAT rate
  • Accounting is currency-independent, is internationally operational
  • Intelligent capture wizard, which presets new entries from the previous acquisitions
  • For document numbering two fields can be preset.
  • Plausibility of the recorded values, the module can recognize analogies and issue warnings in case of unusual deviations
  • There are no years to open or close. The slip counters can be set year by year
  • The determination of profits can be determined by search criteria for e.g. Over all organizations, years, terms, G / L accounts, etc.

The module is aimed:

  • Self-employed and smaller companies, which are entitled to a simplified revenue surplus calculation
  • Companies that want to control the cash flow more closely.

Interaction with logistics & order processing

Wello Accounting is an integral part of Wello software and interacts with other modules.
For example, the accounting of other modules (such as logistics or order processing) can be automatically ‘fed’ with data and per se reflect the success status in the company or transmitted to the financial system of third parties (print, Excel, Datev).

Interaction with banking

Account movements can be transmitted automatically from the Wello Banking module to the Wello Accounting module using suitable filters. Here also documents are automatically generated.