Wello (The Wellcode Office Manager) (en)

Wello is a powerful transaction processing system. Contacts, addresses, tele-information, documents and various similar information can be managed using Wello.

Document Viewer

The created Word and Excel get displayed online in simple form. They are automatically converted to HTML documents and displayed as a draft. This simplifies the quick content overview without having to open the document each time. PDF, Image and other documents are even shown directly in the application.


Wello integrates a banking module that keeps track of its own account movements and manages account movements in the database. The Banking module can manage, periodically poll, and deploy any number of accounts in a powerful search environment.

Accounting / Profit calculation

Beside regular accounting functionality Wello integrates a simplified income calculation module (income surplus calculation). The module can manage several clients (companies, subcontractors).
The profit determination is done on the basis of an intelligent filter, which makes it possible to determine the profit in various ways.
Likewise, the advance VAT return can be created using the accounting module.

Wello is available as a web application, android app and desktop application. This makes it possible to access your own data anytime, anywhere.

Basic Module

Wello is the basic module and the collective name of all other modules presented here, such as OMS & Logistics.

Try it

Under this link you can look at a DEMO of the program.

It is a database of pseudo & invented data.

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